What Men Don’t Ask Their Doctors


Go to your browser’s history tab and check what is there. I bet there is no less than one humiliating question about your health that you have been attempting to get answers about, yet could never think about discussing the same with a specialist. Before you stay quiet, note this: “Hello, my balls are in pain” is not an easy statement to say, but the doctor’s answer will be significantly even more consoling (and significantly more dependable) than Google.

  1. Why are my feet so smelly?

Stinking feet are usually brought about by sweat. Notwithstanding, even when there is no sweat, normal skin flora (microbes) are still there! When you sweat it may trigger these microorganisms, and the microscopic organisms can radiate scents. The diverse sorts of microbes can emit distinctive sorts of scents, which is the reason a few people’s feet may stink in an unexpected way. Antiperspirant may help lessen this problem. You can bet where I got this information- from Dr. Google of course.

  1. Why do I pre-ejaculate?

Questions revolving around sex are difficult to ask for men. So when it comes to pre-ejaculation issues, most men would rather stay with the problem than ask the physician about it. This is because men consider pre-ejaculation as a direct threat to their ego and manhood.

  1. Is my sweating normal?

There is nothing wrong with sweating after a workout or spending a few hours in the sun. However, extreme sweating can be because of something somewhat more serious. It can affect the face, underarms, hands and other parts of the body. The doctors have a name for this condition- hyperhidrosis. After diagnosis with this condition, there are several treatment options including medication, powerful antiperspirants and surgery.

  1. How can I counter my receding hairline?

It’s not strange for men to have a retreating hairline with age. This problem is associated with genes and sex hormones of the individual. Hair starts to recede and before you know it, it is already working its way to the back of the head. The hair will in the end get to be distinctly shorter and more slender. This is not to mean that the man should give up and suffer in silence! There are several ways of treating a receding hairline. Here are a few options:

  • Hair Transplants
  • Minoxidil treatment
  • Finasteride treatment
  1. My urine has blood: can you help?

Blood in urine could be a sign of a serious problem. It could be either an infection or a sign of something more serious, for instance prostate cancer or bladder cancer. Even if you saw blood in urine only once, make a date with the doctor to establish the cause and have it treated.


Imagined humiliation may entice you to avoid asking the doctor important questions about your health. Since almost everything has a remedy or treatment, the sooner you discuss it with your specialist, the sooner you can overcome it and continue enjoying life.