Are you looking for a nostalgic and effective way of burning more calories than running does? There is good news for you: you do not need to spend hours every week pounding the tarmac. Look no further than a good round of jumping rope. I know some studies give different results, but my argument is based on at least 120 turns per minute and variations in height, rope type, weight, and workout intensity. Such a workout will not only burn calories fast, but also enhance endurance, coordination and agility.

Muscle Involvement

This exercise engages many muscles including legs, core, shoulders and arms. In other words, it is more efficient than running. Of course, running also recruits several muscles, but the bouncing on the toes in jumping rope puts more emphasis on calf muscles. In addition, it works out latissimus dorsi, pectorals, biceps, deltoids and other upper body muscles. That is why I prefer jumping rope to jogging.

Caloric Consumption

Effective weight loss is about losing more calories than you consume. Jumping rope is a perfect way to lose numerous calories. According to estimates from experts, jumping rope melts at least 1000 calories per hour as compared to about 600 calories per hour for running. Once you master this workout, you will thank it for the following benefits:

  • Improved stamina and strength
  • Loads of calories burned
  • Prevention of osteoporosis

Doing the Exercise Right

The general rule for jumping (and by extension all other aerobic exercises) is to start small and increase intensity gradually. As you start this workout, you will probably suffer from achy joints, especially if you jump on a hard surface. Most people encounter the same problem, but there are ways of lessening the effects. Here are a few of them:

  • Wear good shock-absorbing shoes
  • Use soft jumping surface
  • Take pain reliever
  • Cross train i.e. combine workout with other options such as swimming and jogging

Jumping rope is definitely worth trying if you are looking to burn more calories than running. Just learn how to do it correctly and you will soon start to see the fruits.