How can you get the most out of your daily activity and Workout applications on the Apple Watch?

With your Apple watch, you can count your calories, steps, track your workouts, and above all monitor, your overall activities did throughout the day. Whether your primary goal is losing weight, monitoring your health for medical reasons, doing more cardio, or for a healthier life, the Apple Watch in line with its inbuilt Workout and Activity app can help you out.

Getting Started

It’s imperative to know how the Apple Watch helps in tracking on health and fitness. The Apple Watch does a comprehensive work when it comes to your overall fitness activity. That includes making an account of calories burned, making sure you’re moving around on a regular basis and making sure you get to do some activity each and every day.

Set goals and track your progress

Goal setting is the key point measure of your success, and the Activity app on your Apple Watch makes sure you quickly get the results of your progress towards your set goals at any time of the day. Apple watch tracks these three areas: — exercise, move and stand. These areas are represented in the Activity App by a colored ring. The closer you are to completing a particular set goal, the closer the ring will be near completion. If you choose to view more data, the Apple Watch will break down the data for you for a better view.

Set up and Activity sharing

If you choose to work out together with friends or prefer to carry out little healthy competition between you and a friend, which is essential to achieve your planned fitness goals, the Activity app is fit to help you out. It is achievable through enabling Sharing option on your iPhone and Apple Watch.  You can allow other people to view your ongoing progress for comparison as this will challenge them to work out harder than you.

Mute activity reminder

Apple Watch Activity app will often give you hourly alerts reminding you to stand up, move and do more exercise to meet your day planned goal. However, if you are stuck somewhere you cannot do any of the exercises, you can silence the reminders until you get the chance to work out.

Track and Manage Workout Sessions

Apple Watch Activity App is designed in such a way that by default, it will show you different metrics such as heart rate, distance covered, burned calories and duration taken for a work out during a workout session.  Also, you can customize your Apple Watch Activity app and change metrics to your liking in a given workout.

For absolute tracking on activity and fitness, Apple Watch App is a success due to the gadget ability to push owners to exercise often as well as collecting and calculating one’s overall activity.