Should I eat organic or inorganic foods? I am sure this is a question you have come across more times than one. The debate of conventional vs. organic foods has been ongoing for many years and it is unlikely to end any time soon. People will always ponder between the two options because organic foods are usually more expensive than other foods. As a consumer, you want to understand why you have to pay more for a product.

Why are organic foods popular?

North Americans appear to be the people fondest of organic foods globally, according to a recent Nielsen Global Online Survey. Therefore, it is only fair to check what they consider the goodness of these foods. According to the same survey, consumers preferred organic foods for various reasons including promotion of environmental friendly farming, avoidance of food toxins, avoidance of genetically modified foods and promotion of small-scale farmers. It appears taking organic foods benefits the individual, the society and the environment.

In the US, the organic market is already outgrowing supply, a clear indication that people are accepting these products. Even in Europe, UK to be particular, the market is growing rapidly. Check in your country and you will most probably discover the same trend.

How do they compare to conventional foods?

The main difference between the two food types is chemicals throughout the processing and production stages. For inorganic foods, the use of chemicals may have negative effects on both humans and the environment.  Of course, the short-term effects of these additives may be undocumented, but experts believe that long-term effects could be devastating.

Are you willing to continue taking the risks or wish to start mitigating them?  For a better environment and healthier lifestyle, consider switching to organic foods. Eating organic foods means you are no longer exposing your body to chemical residues that could be in inorganic foods. A wider achievement is the enhancement of richer wildlife and biodiversity.

The verdict

For the above simple reasons, organic foods are better than conventional foods.  Inorganic foods may be more affordable, but they could come at more punishing and usually irreversible cost.