Have ever been in the supermarket picking some vegetables and fruits, and then you noted a special shelf identified as “organic”? Did you continue picking the traditional foods or switch to organic? Many people appreciate the goodness of organic foods but are turned off by the exorbitant prices. Perhaps if they knew the extent to which these benefits influence human life, they would go for organic products anyway. If price is still a hindrance for you, do not worry as I have listed several ways of turning the cost in your favor.

  1. Change to organic gradually

In life, very few good changes happen overnight. In your quest to become an organic food consumer, aspire to start small, only buying your most liked products at the cheapest prices. This will give you time to adjust into the foods while being easy on your pocket. Before you realize it, you will have found a healthy balance between cost and organic foods preference.

  1. Buy Foods In Volumes

Whatever item you are buying, going for bulk will always offer a cost advantage. Things you should be comfortable buying in plenty include beans, vegetables and fruits. As long as you make sure you have freezer ready, you will save both money and time.

  1. Buy From Farmers’ Markets

Who hates the smell and look of fresh farm produce? Farmers’ markets are the best source of cheaper and healthier products. One caution though: do not assume everything in such markets is organic. Look out for an “organic” sign before picking anything. Always bargain with the sellers and stick to the one that offers the best produce and price.

  1. Watch out for peak seasons

As the rule of supply and demand suggests, prices are likely to be cheapest at the peak of supply. If it is the season for corn, you can expect the prices the product to flood the market leading to a drastic reduction in prices. This is the best time to buy. It will be even better if you can buy in bulk at this time. Expand your stock at this time and you can even share the bounty or resell to friends and relatives.

  1. Stick to a plan

Do you have a weekly recipe program for the family? If not, probably you need to have one or simply something to guide on what you expect to eat for several days. You will appreciate when you discover a reduction for food you need to buy. This also reduces the likelihood of rushing back to the market and impulse buying.


Do not let price of organic foods discourage you from making the big switch to healthier eating. You have the power to make the lifestyle more cost-friendly. Use the tips suggested here to rediscover the beauty of natural food products.