For most people, losing extra fat and adding extra muscle mass is about endless hours in the gym doing all manners of complicated exercises. Nothing can be further from the truth. You do not need equipment and machinery to enhance body balance, flexibility and strength. Numerous exercises are absolutely simple and free. Do you want to know the most exciting thing about these exercises? You can do them anywhere. Yes, whether you are at home, in the office or on a trip, these exercises will always come in handy. Here is a list of 20 exercises for a start.

  1. Mountain climber

While on both your knees and hands, straighten one leg and bring the other one below the chest. Without moving the legs, jump and switch the legs.

  1. Plank

Clasp your hands and place your forearms on the floor.  Extend your legs and settle on the toes. Your back should be straight. Remain this way for 30 seconds and as long as you can.

  1. Wall Sit

Stand against a smooth wall with the feet a couple of feet away from the edge. Slide downwards slowly until your ankles are directly below the knees. Remain in this position for 1 minute.

  1. Squat

Everyone knows this one! From the standing position, bend knees and hips until you are in the crouching position. Return to standing position. Heels should remain on ground throughout.

  1. Pistol Squat

As you stand, raise your hands straight ahead. Raise one leg, bend knee and hips and go down as in the standard squat. Hold before you stand again.

  1. Step-up

Find an elevated place for instance a step or bench. Place one foot on it and step up to the point where the leg is straight. Do about 10 revs and switch to the other leg.

  1. Judo Push-Up

This starts from the push-up position. First, raise the hips, and then lower the front of your body using your arms. With the shoulders and head swooped upward, lower the hips without moving the knees. Reverse this move. Repeat this cycle for about 1 minute.

  1. Arm Circles

Extend arms to the sides and move them in a circular motion. You can recall this move from your PE classes. Repeat this motion for 30 seconds, and then reverse to clockwise/anticlockwise circles.

  1. Side plank

Roll to the side and try to rise on one elbow and foot. Ensure that you engage the core and lift the hip.

  1. Bicycle

Lay on your back, place your hands below your head and bend your knees. Bring the knees towards the chest and then bring the left elbow towards the right knee as you straighten the left leg. Alternate the move as many times as possible.

  1. Crunch

Lie on the back with feet on floor and knees bent. Place hands behind the head and start curling up. Continue until the entire upper back leaves the floor.

  1. Sprinter sit-up

Lie on back with arms on the side and legs straight. Bend elbows at right angles. Sit up while bringing right knee towards the left elbow. Lower your body and repeat for other side.

  1. Superman

Lie face down on a soft mat and outstretch both your legs and arms. With the torso stationary, try to make a curve of your body by raising legs and arms simultaneously.

  1. Standard push-up

Keep hands apart, flex the feet and tighten your core. Bend elbows to lower chest to ground level. Push back up. Repeat cycle.

  1. Lunge

Stand with feet apart and hands on hips. Step one leg forward and lower the other one slowly to the ground (it should assume 90 degrees). Return to start position before switching to other side.

  1. Prone walkout

Start on all fours and engage the core. Slowly walk forward on hands but do not move toes. Move back to original position.

  1. Bear crawl

While on your knees and hands, stretch such that you are on your toes. Slowly move forward with the left arm and left knee, and then follow with the right side. Crawl for 10 reps.

  1. Truck jump

While slightly bending your knees, jump as high as you can. Bring the knees as close to the chest as possible. Land on the slightly bent knees and jump again immediately.

  1. Calf raise

First, be in a standing position. Gradually rise up on the toes with heels off the ground and legs straight. Hold for a while then come down slowly. Repeat for several revs.

  1. Donkey kick

While in the push-up position and with legs together, kick the legs into the air aiming the feet to the glutes. The landing should be as gentle as possible.


The ball is in your court now. No more excuses about why your location is affecting your fitness. Start using your preferred exercise(s) today because it is possible. Find more deta